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  Mubasher Smart Mobile  
  Mubasher Smart Mobile is a unique package developed exclusively for our KSA exchange, with the combination of iPhone, Blackberry and PDA. The package provides online price information and online trading for busy investors through our mobile platform. In the current version, a subsidized price offer has been made exclusively for the KSA exchange.  
  Notes: Subscriber in this service will have the privilege to:  
  - Mubasher iPhone  
  - Mubasher Android  
  - Mubasher BlackBerry  
  - Mubasher PDA  
  Logging into Mubasher iPhone/ Android/ BlackBerry/ PDA for the first time:  
Download & Install Mubasher Pro :
1. Go to www.mubasher.net/en/Download.aspx. Under Mubasher BlackBerry/ iPhone/ PDA select the country from the dropdown and then click ‘Download’ button to download the relevant setup file.
2. Once the download is complete, connect your device to your desktop / laptop and copy the downloaded file to any folder on the device.
3. On the BlackBerry/iPhone/Android/PDA / iPad, click on the setup file to start the installation of required program.
4. To run the required program after installation, click on to Programs and select Mubasher.
5. Enter the the required program username and password in the space provided and click on the login button to proceed.
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