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  About Mubasher  
  Introduction to Mubasher  
  Mubasher is a high performance, interactive, digital data feed that delivers premium real-time global Stock Market information to Banks, Brokers, Fund Managers and Investors. Mubasher comes packaged with comprehensive content, advanced features and tools required by active traders as well as retail investors. Mubasher enables subscribers to watch the market move in real-time from the comfort of their homes or offices on their PC's and Laptops. This subscription-based service is the first of its kind in the region. Mubasher is a world-class product that offers features and functions found only in products that serve International Markets. Mubasher empowers investors with information and tools required to track market trends and make profitable decisions. Mubasher is designed, developed and perfected for the local market with all categories of Investors in mind. Mubasher is brought to you by National Technology Group.  
  About NTG  
  National Technology Group (NTG) is a leading ICT holding company operating across the MENA region. NTG is rapidly expanding into new geographies, setting up joint ventures, incubating new ideas and launching new ICT initiatives. With phenomenal growth in Capital Markets in the region, Mubasher Market and Mubasher Trade are two new initiatives by NTG to provide real-time market information and online trading capability to investors in the Arab World. Mubasher currently serves a large subscriber base and has played a key role in helping the markets to be more transparent and efficient. More information on NTG can be obtained at www.ntg.com.sa  
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