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  About Mubasher Card  
  What Is Mubasher Card?  
  Mubasher Card is a prepaid card, which enables users to purchase subscriptions to the Mubasher suite of services. Mubasher Card and Mubasher Services is valued in points which are available in 100, 200 and 300 points. The monetary value required to purchase a Mubasher Card depends on the country of purchase.  
  Please contact your nearest dealer/outlet for details on the cost of Mubasher Card.  
  How can I buy a Mubasher Card?  
  Mubasher Cards are located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. More countries will be available soon. Keep visiting our site as we are constantly adding new countries on a monthly basis.

Click on the Distributors link, to locate your nearest Mubasher Card dealer/outlet.
  What subscriptions can I purchase with Mubasher Card?  
  Mubasher Cards enable you to purchase one or more subscriptions to the Mubasher Services. These include:  
Mubasher NetPlus
Mubasher NetPlus Premium
Mubasher Pro 9
Mubasher Pro 9 Premium
Mubasher Pro 9 GCC
Mubasher Pro 9 GCC Premium
Mubasher iPad
Mubasher iPad Premium
Mubasher Smart Mobile
  How to register with www.mubashercard.com?  
  Registering with Mubasher Card is easy. After you have purchased a Mubasher Card, three simple steps, listed below, are all it takes to complete the registration process.  
Step 1   From the home page (www.mubashercard.com), click on the "New User Registration" link to create your Mubasher Card Account.
In the spaces provided, enter the card number and PIN located on the back of your Mubasher Card.
Step 2   The following page prompts you to enter a username and password (between 5-12 characters in length).
Step 3   In the next and final page of the registration process, enter your personal information to the fields provided and click "Finish".
Certain fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields and must be filled.
  After successfully completing the registration process you are ready to start subscribing to any of the available Mubasher services and begin to feel the pulse of the market…and make profitable decisions.  
  How long is my Mubasher Card Account valid?  
  There is no set validity period for your Mubasher Card Account. However you must login at least every 3 months and ensure there is some account activity i.e.: Recharge Account, else the account will be deleted from our system.  
  How can I re-charge my Mubasher Card Account?  
  Purchase a fresh card from your nearest dealer / outlet and logon to your Mubasher Card Account from www.mubashercard.com. Click on the “Recharge Account” link. Enter the card details on the page and you are done!  
  How long is my subscription to Mubasher Services valid?  
  Mubasher offers five (4) subscription periods which includes:  
1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months
  You may choose any one of the periods at the time of registration or subscription renewal.  
  How can I get more information on Mubasher Card or receive further help with my Account?  
  You may click on the “Help” link located on the top of Mubasher Card website, for further details on Mubasher Card and Mubasher Services.  
  However if you require further assistance:  
  If you are a KSA user call 920005710  
  Outside KSA user call +(966 – 1) 12140549/12140542  
  You can also email us – support-ksa@directfn.com  
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